Day 241. Fremantle waterspout

This only the second waterspout I’ve ever seen. The first was much better (see here) but seeing one from my home town was much cooler I saw the cloud from a few km inland (whilst leaving Bunnings warehouse car park on Leach Highway to be precise…) with something interesting below it disappearing behind trees up on a hill, but something struck me about it so I put my foot down and went for it. Its common to see “scud” beneath clouds that looks like a funnel, but this looked different so I raced to Fremantle’s Monument hill where we the funnel forming (in the first picture). I took a chance and tried to get down to the shore, eventually snapping the spout for a couple of minutes from South Fremantle. You can see the it moving south, with some water disturbance in front of Carnac island in the distance.

So, it was far away, slender, I missed most of it as I was racing through streets to get to it, and I didn’t have a “proper” camera with me. But I don’t care because I flippin’ love water spouts!

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