Day 212. Point Walter spit at sunset

Th sand bar at Point Walter beneath another spectacular sunset. The area has significant meaning to the Nyungar people 

The sand bar is sacred to the Nyungar women. According to the Yelakitj Moort Nyungar Association website, the Creation Story of Tjuntalup (Point Walter) goes as follows:

Our dreamtime story is that the beelya (river) was created by the Waakal, rainbow serpent of the Nyungars. The estuary of the Swan River is known as the Derbal Yerigan (brackish water of the turtle spirit).

As the wind blows over the beelya, we can imagine the sandbar being created by a lock of hair from tjunta, a female dreaming spirit. The lock fell and created our freeway across the river, allowing us to travel back and forth. At night if you look up to the sky, you will see the similarity of this sandbar to the Milky Way where she is still seen and the stars are the children clinging to her hair. The deepest part of the river was her last step (jennalup) or Blackwall Reach.

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