Day 123. Fun in the sun

39c today and so me and my boy played with water balloons So, using party balloons, a hose pipe, a DSLR, a Nero trigger (its a lightning trigger but we have had no storms in sooooo long, and so it was put to use as a sound trigger), my young assistant, and a lot of trial and error in our garden, we finally managed to get some decent pictures. These were captured between 1/4000th to 1/8000th of a second, as I was after the millisecond when the balloon disappears and the water is still in a balloon shape. We achieved that!

Anyone wanting to try this, its best to hold them by the tied end and keep your other fingers crossed that they don’t pop too soon. If you hold them in your hands you get more of a waterfall than the “balloon shape” as shown by the “experimental” shots. And wear swimming gear!

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