Day 121. Giant Gija Jumulu

The giant Boab or Jumul named Gija in Kings park, Perth.This giant tree was transported over 3000 km from up north in the Kimberley to its new home in Kings park, after being gifted to the park by the traditional land owners, the Gija people. The story of its travels is here.

Its always fascinating to see these trees in Australia, a type which most people think of as occurring in Madagascar or eastern Africa. The reason for this is that the continents were linked as Gondwanaland, and moved apart millions of years ago, so Australian tres are separated from their African cousins by the expanse of the Indian ocean. This one is a comparative youngster, probably only 750 years old. Other trees in the Kimberley are well over 2000 years old.

Jumulu paintingThis is a picture by Shirley Purdie, a Blake award winning Gija artist, whose work can be found in Warnum close to where the tree originally came from. It was photographed from the plaque near the tree. A Jumulu is seen on the right and these can be seen in many of her pictures. A massacre took place by this one in 1920. On the left is land where a war took place between indigenous groups, and is also the area of Gnarwuny or Kangaroo tail dreaming.

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