Day 56. Return to the moon


Return to the moon

Another photo of the moon. I couldn’t not take a picture of it tonight, the crater details and shadows were amazing, as were the colours. I didn’t adjust the saturation of the photo and even despite this there are variations, sands and greys on its cold surface. The darker seas or lunar maria, formed when basaltic lows from volcanic eruptions filled massive impact craters billions of years ago.

The grey mass at the bottom is Mare Imbrium joining with Oceanus Procellarum, in the middle of which is the Copernicus crater with its radiations. At the edge at 7’o’clock, highlighted by the setting sun, is a mountain range. This is the 6km high Montes Jura, rising up and overlooking the “Bay of Rainbows” or Sinus Iridum. The grey maria at 10’o’clock, the middle of the three seas in a line, is the Mare Tranquillitatis….and every school kid knows who landed there.

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