Day 23. Lightning over Jakarta

Lightning over Jakarta

I’m not a great flyer and get quite melancholy when alone and away from my family. Fortunately I had something to distract me this time, and whilst passing over South East Asia tonight flew through countless thunderstorms. I got a chance to do some lightning photography through my window which I’d never thought was doable. My neighbour tried his best to ignore me as I clattered around, pulling my hoody over my head and the window to block out the reflections….

This huge anvil was somewhere above Jakarta and way too close for comfort. The plane bucked and rattled as we skirted around it, its crest only a couple of miles away and reaching our altitude. This was taken as we left it behind. Grainy (ISO12800), a bit blurred, but I don’t care. It still looks awesome.

The one below is less impressive but interesting anyway

Lightning over Jakarta3

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